How to sleep rightwith the right pillow

We fell asleep a third of our lives. In a state of absolute calm, both humans and animals regenerate their powers. To prevent sleep problems, back pain or tension, you need not only a good mattress, but above all the right pillow. We dispel common myths about cushions and tell you which cushion will give you sweet dreams.

How long should you sleep? The ideal time to sleep!

„Did you sleep well?“they say in the morning. „Good night“, at night. The day-night rhythm determines our whole life. Whether we are in a good mood during the day, in the middle of the body and efficient depends largely on how we sleep.

8 hours of sleep should be enough for 90% of people. Only 5% manage with less.


However, it depends not only on the long term, but above all on the quality. He who sleeps 8 hours, but wakes up a dozen times and rolls his mind, will hardly begin a new day of recovery. The buzzword is: sleep efficiency (relationship between time spent in bed and actual sleep). And this should be well above 90%.
Improve sleep efficiency

Poor or insufficient sleep can have many reasons:

  • Stress, worry and fear: Our brain processes the day’s experiences while we sleep. Those who feel stressed during the day will not always find the desired rest, even at night.
  • Sleep disturbance: A night out or the jet lag of the last long-distance trip can cause a sleep disturbance, as can babies who need their parents‘ care at night.
  • Alcohol: Makes you sleep better, but makes you more restless in the second half of the night.
  • Troubled sleeping environment: Living near roads, on an airport runway, or near a railroad line has a potentially negative effect on sleep quality.
  • Overuse of smartphones before falling asleep: Light with a high blue component tells our body to stay awake. So off with the smartphone – you basically have nothing to lose in the bedroom.
  • Wrong or obsolete bedroom equipment: dusty bedrooms, covered bedding, outdated mattresses – or just a pillow that doesn’t fit. The equipment of the room must not be reduced at all. And it must be renewed regularly.

The benefits of good sleep always deserve a more accurate investigation of one’s own sleep behavior.

Sleep better with the right pillow

The right pillow is essential for healthy sleep. Many criteria must be taken into account:

  • There is usually a symbiosis between the mattress and the pillow. Depending on the depth of sinking of a mattress, there are different requirements for pillow height. If the filling is too high, the cervical vertebrae are overloaded. On the other hand, too low a height causes stress.
  • Another factor is the width of the pad. Pillows that are too small (unfortunately, this is the case in many hotels) make sleep more restful, because you have to pull them back and forth. Therefore, it is best to invest in the standard size of 70x90cm – this size should be sufficient.
  • Last but not least: the filling and the degree of softness. Natural materials are clearly preferable (who likes to sleep on oil by-products?) and naturally influence the elasticity of the cushion. Natural fillings range from goose down and sheep’s wool to spelt or natural latex husks.