The 5 best places to learn yoga as a beginner.

Breathe in. Exhale. Repeat: You can do your yoga practice anytime and anywhere. But where is the best place to learn yoga? Tastes are different and when you are at the beginning, it is not an easy decision to make. While some prefer to practice within their own walls, others need a group to find their way on the mat. Good is what is good for you. For those who are undecided, we have the advantages and disadvantages of these places where you can learn yoga.

Just you: Yoga in your four walls

Sometimes you want to keep it to yourself. Perhaps your body sensations are not optimal or you are not sure you can follow a group. No problem! A yoga mat and your device with Internet connection turn your living room into a private yoga studio.

There are countless online yoga classes (which usually cost money) or free videos available on YouTube. This way, you can start your yoga practice in a familiar environment at low cost.

The disadvantage for beginners is the lack of individual instructions. Yoga teachers in class or private lessons take care of you and your body. In this way, you avoid mistakes that are of no use to you. If you want to learn yoga as a beginner, we recommend you start in a yoga class or in a private class.
Just you and me: private yoga lessons.

The luxury variant for all potential yogis is the private course. Everything revolves around you and your needs. This is the fastest – but also the most expensive – way to learn.

Here you often have the opportunity to do yoga lessons at home. Especially in cities, yoga teachers are ready to practice with you where you feel most comfortable.

Our tip: Have simple exercises shown at home during lessons so you can get on the mat regularly. Practice makes the master in yoga and those who practice regularly feel the positive effects much more clearly.
One for all: Yoga in the group (classes).

The middle way (and therefore also the most popular variant) are of course group yoga classes. Yoga is taught under the direction of a professional, either in the studio or outside, in groups of 5 to 15 people (sometimes more).

Good yoga teachers also take time for individual needs and complaints in group practice. In addition to the physical aspect, you usually also receive philosophical contributions, perhaps a cup of tea and an enriching exchange with like-minded people.

Most yoga studios offer free trial lessons. This way you can safely test whether a group course is right for you or whether you feel comfortable with other participants.

Treat yourself to a retreat: Yoga at the hotel

Distance yoga is particularly beneficial. Far from the stress at home, the mind calms down more quickly. Ideal for beginners!

Of course, you do not need to book a plane ticket to India. Yoga is booming in hotels in our latitudes and many providers are highly specialized.

The combination of a new environment, delicious food and a beautiful yoga experience is extremely rewarding but also entertaining. After a week at the longest, it goes back – and then you have to keep working with discipline yourself.

Concentrated Knowledge: The Yoga Seminar

Yogis like to pass on their knowledge. If you are really serious about this, you can increase the hotel option even further and book an entire seminar right away.

The learning effect is particularly important and the practical instructions are usually supplemented by theoretical training material. We believe that yoga seminars are an ideal complement to yoga classes.

All variants have one thing in common: they do you good. Yoga is not a goal, but always the path. Towards more physical and mental well-being. Namaste.